About Us


The company has a reputation for creativity and quality, and a high level of service to its clients. With several years of experience DCS & Associates brings a unique and valuable blend of expertise for its valued clients. The company is managed by highly qualified, dedicated and experienced technical personnel and supported by specialists and consultants. The joint venture team of professionals has a substantial amount of expertise in a variety of disciplines including architecture, Infrastructure design, Interior Design, Construction Supervision, Research Studies and Project Management.

DCS & Associates provides integrated services to all scales of the built environment. The way we build and design our habitable spaces and the way we live all have to be considered, analyzed and adapted to reduce our consumption of energy day by day and over a lifetime.


To be a National & International Professional Architectural & Engineering Service Provider.


To provide best customer service through team work and continuous staff training in order to maximize returns on investment for the benefit of stakeholders.


  • The Directors, Management and Staff of joint venture pledge that all activities and decisions will be guided and based on the following core values:Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Service
  • Commitment to professionalism
  • Provision of innovative Solution through R&D
  • Integrity-Fairness & Honesty
  • Development of Human Resource
  • Untiring Effort for Improvement
  • Courtesy and Humanity
  • Co-operation and Team Spirit

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